42" Universal Post with Dual Wood Rail Brackets and D-Ring

Part Number 1965-200

This post features dual wood rail brackets and a D-ring. It is designed for use at the perimeter of elevator shafts and stairwells.

Installation: Screw posts fully into the base plates. Run a 1/2" diameter cable (supplied by others) through cable locks and tension per OSHA standards with 1/2" turn buckles. Clips are to face the interior of building with cables installed on the interior side of posts/building. POST CAN BE USED FOR A TIE-OFF FOR ONE MAN ONLY. TIE-OFF MUST BE BETWEEN UPPER AND MID CABLE ONLY. Alternatively, 2" x 4" rails may be used in lieu of cable with maximum spacing of 8' on center as per OSHA standards. Ensure all posts and accessories are fully screwed into base plates before use.

Cable, turn buckles and crosby clamps to be supplied by others.

Warning - System does not allow for a tie-off to the cable.

THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED EFFECTIVE 12/01/2012 (Replaced with standard post and clamp on d-ring and toeboards)

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