About Us

Perimeter Protection Products, LLC, is a family-owned business in Middlesex, New Jersey, serving the construction industry nationwide with a patented,integrated system of componentized safety products smartly engineered to save time, save money, eliminate waste and to avoid worker injury.

Our entire focus is on perimeter safety, be it for steel frame construction, concrete frame construction, bridges, monorails, elevated highways, storage tanks, or power plants.

Ours is the only system that offers seamless safety working across all stages of construction, thanks to innovations like movable cable guides that are adjustable after the pour to the new 21"/42" levels, without having to unstring cables.

Our clients include general contractors, steel erectors, concrete erectors, fabricators, shoring contractors, roofing contractors, refinery, utility and industrial customers.

We are dedicated to working closely with our clients and to help them meet their specific perimeter safety needs. This often includes customizing products and features for designated client requirements.

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