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How We Fit to Your Project

Your project has a unique configuration, with a host of varying specifications and requirements often varying by tiers of floors. You also have budget and manhour goals and always seek to save money and time. Perimeter Protection Products’ system is designed with the flexibility and universality to fit to an infinite variety of project configurations. Sometimes this includes customizing our components to fit precisely to your needs.

Thanks to Ten Efficiency Drivers inherent in our system, we can almost always save you significantly on money and time.

And this system provides Seamless Safety across all stages of construction, from before the pour to the installation of curtain wall. It eliminates the duplication of trades each installing their own perimeter protection, wasted steps, unnecessary complications and extra safety hazards.


As part of our quote, we generate take-offs derived from your drawings, we provide on-phone or onsite orientation, and create customization.

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