"Everyone involved with the project loved it. And the OSHA inspector was very pleased with the system. From a practical and cost efficiency point of view, the installation and removal of the systems was easy."

- Dru Wyeth, Vice President, S&H Steel

"Perimeter Protection Products is BY FAR my favorite vendor to work with. They respond quickly to opportunities. Do yourself a favor and check them out."

- Brennan Normyle, SafeWare, Inc.

"We have never worked with an outfit that is so driven to find a solution to a problem. We are very happy with the Perimeter fall protection system. Your fall protection system is absolutely the most economical way to go."

- James Spangler, Vice President, Thomas Lindstrom Company

"Your system worked out very well for us. We are still using it on the remaining four steel structure buildings and will continue to push it out to the rest of our company."

- Project Safety Manager, J.P. Cullen & Sons, Inc.

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